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An affordable  business website offers you the best return on your investment compared to any other form of advertising.

This is a true statement.

Now ask yourself these 3 questions...

1. Do I need a business website?

If you have a business of any type, yes, you need a website. Contact us.

2. Can I afford a business website?

The real question is... can you afford not to have a website.  We specialize in Affordable Website Designs.  Contact us.


3. Is my current business website functional? 

Are enough customers calling for your business services?  Contact us.

We made our first business website in 1996.  While a lot of things have changes since then the goal of driving traffic to your website remains the #1 goal. How to get it there takes strategy and tactical experience. We have both.


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Creative Websites Start Here!

I was a sales man working for a flooring company. RJ built a website for me to help drive personal sales.  I left that company, the site was taken down and here it is 3 years later and I still get phone calls.  Since  then  they have made me 2 new websites.  Their Long-Term Strategy works! 

Gary H.

RJV & A built our non-profit website in 2009.  By the end of the 1st year we received over 500,000 requests for our services.  Today , we receive over 1 million requests per year and all of it comes thru the website.  They know how to drive traffic.


“We started using RJV & A in the August of 2019.  Our web-store operates in the US & Canada.  The site looks great, gathers our customer information, tracks  our entire product inventory, links to all of our social media and does exactly what we wanted.  Very pleased.