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Great Company Logo - Great Company Name - Great Company Concept

In order to stand out from the crowd, some say you have to have a great company logo, others say it’s a great company concept.  The most successful companies have both. Putting them together will give you great company  concept and great company branding. 

Some company brands are so successful that you can recognize them by a simple logo design, other company logos include their name, all have become Iconic.


Iconic Company Branding

When you want a soda, you say Coke.  Their company logo says it all.  When you want a copy from the copy machine you say Xerox but few people know what their company logo looks like but everybody knows their company name.  When you think of a kid’s meal, you probably think Happy Meal.  That company brand is so strong that when people drive into other burger joints they always ask for a Happy Meal for their kids even though McDonald’s is the only place you can get a “Happy Meal”.  That’s company branding at its finest.  So, how do you accomplish that?

The right Domain Name - Strategic Planning & Consistency

Years ago we did a promotion for a chain of upscale restaurants, unlike what you might think, our goal was not get every one of them to be best.  Rather, the goal was to be top- of-mind.  If we could get one of the restaurants to be one of the restaurants that people would  considered, then it would be a successful restaurant.  This took time, required strategic planning and consistency.  Finding the right domain name for you company is very similar.  It needs to be a company domain name that keeps you top of mind. One thing is for sure, branding your company correctly from the beginning is worth every penny.


Everyone wants results today but somethings just take time.  Likewise, building a solid brand doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to develop, time to market and time to make it stick in people’s mind.  Like planting a seedling tree, developing the right environment, the right company domain name and the right company logo is important for branding your company correctly.

Brand Development

If your brand was a person, who would it be like?  How does it behave?  What does it do?  What is its mission?  Will your brand need to change over time?  Developing a brand is like building a house.  Branding your company is no different.  Your company brand should distinguish you from your competition.  It needs a solid foundation, a reason for being so to speak.  Most importantly, the pieces must be put together correctly.  Parisian Shave Oil and Bible Senders are 2 excellent examples of good branding.  They command a big piece of the pie when it comes to those search engine prompts.

Commitment & Consistency

Your brand needs to become the company mindset and included in everything you do.  It should be seen in your products, your attitude and the way you carry out your business.  It should be found in every email, every letter, every invoice, and every expert article throughout your website.  Striving to be the expert in your field and positively branding your company should be the sole reason you do what you do.

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