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Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Google

Google is just one of the hundreds of search engines available. Once you get your website up and going, the next step is being found.  Optimizing your website is can be the difference between being found by Google and all the other search engines or being lost in to oblivion.


SEO Management

Placing the right key words in the right place on the right page AND then submitting your site to search engines is just one key to success.  JSON coding, Meta tags, site submission and good content are equally important.


Initial Optimization Included

When we design your website, we will do an initial optimization and get it  set up to be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and over 50 other search engines either regionally or worldwide, what ever meets your company needs.  This initial optimization includes the right  keywords, JSON coding, Meta tags, site submission and writing good content.  Where you go from here is totally up to you.

Going Forward

We have several SEO Management Optimization Plans to fit your needs. 

1. We can do a once a month tweak with search engine and back link submission.

2. We can also include optimization of the keywords that will match your website for articles, page content and blogs.  We can do this on a weekly, monthly  or quarterly basis when we write your content. 

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