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Step by Step Web Design

1.  Strategy & Research:


For those who do not have a website, finding the right domain name is crucial to your web design and future ranking on the search engines.  This one thing can be the difference between showing up on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc or the last page. 


Why is this important?  Ask your self what search results do you usually click on.  Typically it is one of the first 3.  Your potential customers do the same thing.

Further more, what you do, should  strike a call to action in the customers you are trying to reach.  Once they get to your page, what keeps them there, what causes them to call you or place an order?

Thinking these 2 things through to the desired end are questions we ask. 

2. Concept & Content:


Designing a website is like cooking a meal.  First you need to know who you are inviting to dinner.  Then you need to plan the meal, complete with ingredients and a realistic amount of time needed to cook it.  The next step is execution.

Designing your web concept needs the same type of careful planning.

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